Jeff Auterson
Jeff Auterson
Phone: 678.297.0936
Team: Ga. Jackets 12u, Ga. Jackets 15u Nationals

Jeff Auterson Teaching Philosophy

While playing professional baseball for six years, my career was full of successes and the majority of time, struggles. The mental part of the game is where I learned and benefited the most.  Generally sports start with your heart and mind. First you have to believe that you can play this game … without that, there’s not going to be much progress.

Enabling a kid to find his skills is the first step in instructing him. Remember, this is a game of failure. When a child goes onto a baseball field it’s the confident kid who looks to hit or catch that are successful.

Whatever the baseball fundamental you’re attending to, you instruct them and teach them how to BELIEVE in their ability. Now with that, there’s a walking sponge ready to learn and compete to be whatever they want to achieve.  

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