Dalton Martinez
Dalton Martinez
Team: Ga. Jackets 16u

Dalton Martinez Teaching Philosophy

Through my years of baseball, my father always told me, “If you make one person remember who you are each day; in that day, you did what you needed to do.”

Growing up in a strong baseball family, my passion for the game was never pressured, but basically inevitable. My greatest gratitude goes towards my father, Chito Martinez, who instilled a strong foundation and philosophy enabling me to share my love for the game with others.

I’ve always found my heart and soul always leaning towards the love for defense the most. The challenge of anticipating the pitch and the swing, in order to get the best possible first step translating into the correct angle just for the glory of stealing a hit away. Great defenses win championships, and with championships comes great responsibility. In this responsibility, I believe that our mental and physical performance stems directly from our intent to prepare harder than the competition for the moment.

Physical ability is never an excuse for working harder than the rest. The world was created different, and individual differences will be taken into account when I teach.

As long as the will to sweat and the passion for the game is burning, the game will take care of the rest.