Micah Mabe
Micah Mabe
Team: Ga. Jackets 15u American

Micah Mabe Teaching Philosophy

In my experience of playing baseball at the collegiate level, I learned those who are successful in the game are not necessarily the strongest or the one’s who throw the hardest—they are the one’s who are motivated to learn, passionate about the game and their team, and are willing to confront their fears and struggles both on and off the field.

I believe, “You will be conquered by what you are not willing to confront,” and baseball is a game of confrontation. My philosophy involves understanding individual players’ strengths and struggles to be able to translate fear and anxiety into mental resiliency. I encourage visualization of success, fine tuning skills, and successful repetition. 

Overall, my focus is to help each young person develop the mental and physical skills of baseball in order to be consistently excellent on the field, and build confidence and humility in who they are as a person.



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