Ryan Gallardo
Ryan Gallardo
Team: Ga. Jackets 13u National, Ga. Jackets 17/18u

Ryan Gallardo Teaching Philosophy

I believe the reason for my success as a baseball player was undoubtedly shaped by my obsession and love for the game. I don't believe that anyone is more talented at anything then anyone else. We are all born as equals. It is those who work hard to master their craft that become designated as "talented". If a student is willing to put in the time and effort to achieve what his desire to be in this game is, I to will do the same to help him in anyway I can. 

Baseball is an extension of life. The hard work and discipline it takes to be successful in this game can not only show on the diamond, but will absolutely transfer in to the everyday aspects of life as a young man and later as an adult. If my teachings in baseball can help my students also through their journey in life, then that is the most satisfying aspect of the game for me. 

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